How I think of myself

There’s someone I am interested in. He’s an actor and a little famous. I don’t think he would be interested in me or I could attract someone like him. How do I work on my belief that I am enough/worthy to be with anyone?

Right now, my belief is that I am limited to be with someone who makes a couple hundred thousand a year max, someone with a semi boring life, sort of interesting, sort of good looking. As I am typing this, I can see that’s perhaps how I feel about my own life. That I’m living a sort of boring life, and I am sort of good looking and if I am those things then that’s who I will attract.

So maybe the work is to believe differently about myself first? How do I that? I don’t want to believe that I’m a mediocre person living in mediocrity, but right now I do. How do I start to regard myself differently? I am measuring my value on how interesting I am and how much money I earn and the way my body looks and if I have a thick head of hair (I think).