How I’ll Feel once Impossible Goal is Achieved

Today in VIP Scholars’ Call, Brooke coached on an impossible goal. She invited the student to identify how she would feel once the impossible goal was achieved. I recall the student said something along the lines of “successful.” Brooke noted how it’s the embodiment of that emotion ahead of time that will drive the action of actually achieving the goal.

I proceed to do my own thought work on my impossible goal: $100K as a life coach (timing: 1 year). My current C is “$0 from coaching.” (Factual; neutral). Unintentional model:
C: $0 income from coaching practice
T: I can’t make money as a life coach
F: incompetent
A: don’t make offers. Not creating value. Not meeting people like I would otherwise do if I was already a $100K Goal Achiever. Self-judgment. Staying small/small energy/withdrawn,
R: No concrete progress in making money as a life coach.

So now I”m having trouble with the intentional model, as C stays the same.
C: the same ($0 in coaching practice)
T: This is part of the process.
F: acceptance
A: self support.
R: Allowing this to be normal.

This seems true, but it doesn’t move me forward in my coaching business or toward my impossible goal. It seems that my impossible goal would better serve me to me a T/F that is more productive (ie: generates action towards my goal). But, I can’t find a T/F combo that is both believable and that moves me forward, even as a ladder thought.