How I’m creating chaotic and rushed mornings

I have chaotic and rushed mornings. Sometimes they are so chaotic I feel discouraged and ashamed the rest of the day. I have been advised to get up earlier, but that just creates an earlier experience of rush and chaos! I often sleep in as long as possible to avoid the horrible experience of mornings.

With the help of Scholars I understand now that my mornings are hard whether they start at 5am or 11am because of my thoughts about mornings.

Circumstance: I wake up
Thought: Mornings are horrible
Feeling: Tired, discouraged
Action: Hit snooze for hours or turn off alarm
Result: Wake up feeling rushed with what I need to do before my first appointment/meeting.

What would be a better intentional model?
Circumstance: I wake up
Thought: ?
Feeling: ?
Action: Get out of bed, get on with my day
Result: Prepared for my first meeting or appointment, and arrive on time

Am I on the right track?