How is there no such thing as a "painful experience"?

I’m still having trouble with “there are no painful experiences.” Please help me understand this concept on a deeper level. My mind goes to rape, murder, slavery, etc. Here’s a model I came up with around slavery for instance, if I were the one being enslaved when it was still legal in the US:

Unintentional Model:

C – I am someone’s slave
T – I wish I weren’t enslaved
F – devastated
A – I do my work / I dream of being free / I feel devastated, hopeless and angry
R – I am unhappy being a slave

Intentional Model:

C –
T –
F –
A –
R – I am no longer a slave. I am free.

If this were a model from someone who was a slave 150 years ago when slavery was legal, how would that individual have used The Model to create her result of freedom from slavery?

I’m using this extreme example because I so want to understand how the model really could work in *any* situation. Thank you so much for giving me some perspective.