How is this model? Re: Confidence in making IG post

I found myself wanting to procrastinate on making a post today, and thinking it wouldn’t be good enough or right. Funny enough, I think this came from seeing someone repost one of my older posts last night, and somehow thinking, “this post is so good! Did I create that?” and almost not believing I created something that good, even though it was definitely me, and not even that long ago. It’s crazy how my brain wants to tell me I’m not good enough, even compared to myself! Like wtf *face palm*. Imagine if I could just feel confident all the time and not constantly question my worth? I think my future self, in the place I’d like to be, doesn’t constantly question her worth. And when and if she does, she quickly realizes it and does the thought work to correct the error, like I’m doing now.

So can you please take a look a these models and let me know if you see anywhere it could be more clear?

Unintentional Model

C- Making an IG post coming up next on calendar
T – My posts aren’t going to attract the right followers
F- Nervous
A – Procrastinate. Take more time than necessary in making a decision on what to post about. Not making a solid decision on topic, continue to question decision even after making one. Do not trust it will attract the right people. Still make a post, but do so from nervous, not confident energy. Don’t write as well, Don’t think as well, Writing likely isn’t as clear.
R – Not showing up in making the post from my best self; so more likely not to attract the best people

Intentional Model:

C – Same as above.
T – I create amazing, valuable posts that people love & I trust my brain & the universe to pick the exact right topic for today.
F – Confident
A – Trust my brain, give it a set time to brainstorm & let it pick the topic. Trust the topic and don’t question it – Believe it’s the right one. Do not have any second guessing thoughts. Write post from a place of confidence.
R – Trust myself & the universe, pick the best topic for today, and create an amazing post.