How is this not about me?

Hi Coaches,

I’m a coach in CCP and am making offers to pro-bono clients that are wrapping up their free sessions with me. Here are my models:

C: Clients not signing on to keep coaching with me
T: They would pay if it were worth it
F: Defeated
A: Don’t keep making offers, don’t raise my prices, wallow in self doubt, take scripted actions without belief
R: I don’t believe it’s worth it

For my intentional model, I want to believe the thought “It’s possible that this means nothing about me.” But my brain just keeps coming back to what every Business coach would say: if they saw the value, they would buy. So how can them not choosing to go with me not be about me and the value I offer? I know it’s about THEIR thoughts, but their thoughts do not see the value here, and that feels like it has to do with me and my offer. Where’s the line?