How long to feel sad and angry at myself and my husband

Hey Brooke,
I had a very expensive pair of earrings lost or stolen. I believe they were taken but I can’t and won’t accuse anyone. My husband takes care of the bills and insurance and yet he is not a big believer of insuring jewelry. I’m not even sure if my other jewelry (worth way more than these earrings is really insured because my husband is not very responsible with this stuff and has a tendency to lie about things like this only to get caught and get himself in trouble). Yes, it was my fault for leaving them out and I am really sad and yes angry with him about the insurance. I am taking responsibility for them being stolen but I don’t feel I should take responsibility for his little white lies that “yes he was going to insure them). But I just can’t seem to move on from sadness and anger. I wore these earrings everyday for the last 10 years.

C- diamond earrings
T- I knew someday they would be lost and of course Gary did not insure them
E- angry
A- silent treatment, make sure I made him aware that I knew this would happen and didn’t believe him that they were really insured.
R- sad and angry because I can’t replace them and angry about the never ending theme for my husband of 35 years is to tell little white lies and “yes” me to death until the truth comes out.

C: diamond earrings
T: Knowing how Gary can be irresponsible with this kind of thing I should have insured them myself
F: responsible
A: call jeweler for appraisals and insure the rest of my jewelry
R: jewelry will be covered if anything happens to them

C: diamond earrings
T: I am so stupid to have left them in the jewelry cleaner to be possibly stolen
F: angry
A: silent, cry, get up in middle of the night to collect all my good jewelry and put in safer place until I buy a safe, get annoyed with Gary when he is surprised I was crying (like I’m not allowed to be sad), ask him to bring all appraisals home from work and insurance information, angry with him for not insuring, angry with myself for leaving them out
R: can’t get over being angry with myself and Gary for the misplaced or stolen uninsured earrings

C: diamond earrings
T: Gary never does anything intentionally to upset or hurt me
F: grateful
A; not be angry with him and take responsibility for me leaving them out
R: the earrings are gone, I know he feels badly about it as I do and they are just “things”


Thanks for input