How much time should I allot per course in the study vault?

I am trying to pick an area of focus to work on & am deciding between Managing Your Mind and BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE. I see that this month’s lesson is, “Organize your life and Mind”, under the Topic, “Managing Your Mind”. How is it recommended one works through the lessons? I am looking for help with constraints because it would be very easy for me to try to do everything in the study vault at once and I don’t want to do that because I really want to feel like I’m making progress. Would it be recommended I choose one topic, for example “Managing Your Mind” and then work through all the lessons under that topic?

For example, I would start this month with “Organize Your Life and Mind” and then choose another lesson from that same topic such as, “BELIEVING NEW THINGS” or would your advice be to choose a lesson from another topic the following month if I wanted, such as “How to Enjoy Being You” from the topic BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE? How long should I allot for each of the lessons? I notice “Organize your life and Mind” lesson is going to take the whole month of April. Does that mean, if I want to do all the lessons under the topic “Managing Your Mind” and that topic has 9 lessons, it will take me 9 months to finish just one topic? Please give estimates of time for the lessons in each of the two topic areas I mentioned. Thanks!