How Our Thoughts Reinforce Our Results


I understood that if we think “A”, we are going to feel and act to make “A” real. For example:

C : Tennis game
T : I won’t win
F : Fear (or disappointment ahead of time)
A : I give up before the end of the game
R : I haven’t won

Is that right?

I just saw a model from Tommy’s class on Mastering emotional well-being where it wasn’t what happened, and I thought I haven’t understood it correctly. Could you help me understand better the link between what we think and the way we influence the result towards it please?

Tommy’s model is:
C : Self-doubt (he observes that he experiences self-doubt about a task he’s supposed to do)
T : Get out
F : Resistance
A : Procrastinate, Buffer (eat…); Doesn’t work on the task he’s supposed to
R : Self-doubt doesn’t get out (it gets bigger)