How SCS is brilliant

The thing I like so much about the SCS approach is that we are encouraged to find the thoughts we each, as individuals, want to think to create the results we want. No one size fits all.

This is so much different from positive thinking. It really forces us (encourages us 🙂 to find the thoughts that go “kerchunk” to turn things around.

And in order to do so we must quit buffering.

I am in the middle of trying to find those thoughts. I am in a middle zone. I mostly don’t buffer. I have recognized that my operating system is a mixture of helpful values and very unhelpful values (like need for approval, judgyness, lots of comparing to others, mean feelings, mean thoughts, etc)

I am so looking forward to nailing it. I know I will turn it around. I am visualizing a healthy and constructive mind. I know I will find my way. I am willing and excited to find many more new thoughts to help support me in the world as I step out and became all I can be and share so much with others

Loving each and every SCS-er here