How someone who really doesn’t need coaching got to self coaching scholars

Hi Brooke,
You don’t know me but I have just signed up for scholars and I wanted you to know how that happened.
Your ad for over-drinking came up on Facebook and I was curious because I’d never seen anything that tackled or mentioned over-drinking. I am not an alcoholic but I would like to feel that I control what I drink and not the other way around. I read some of the comments that insisted that it was only $7 dollars – such a bargain – and decided to go for it. When I got onto the page I went for the audio version because I sometimes buy books, read a couple of chapters and then forget them. I thought it would be good to listen to you while I was out walking. I received a receipt for the audio and book and a separate receipt for a monthly membership of $297. I was horrified! I immediately called my bank, stopped by credit card, complained about how naughty it was to make it so easy to accidentally click on the button, thought what a rip-off, told my friends bla bla bla and definitely didn’t think I needed coaching.
Your sales team was highly efficient and charming and refunded me within days.
I don’t know when I would have listened to the audio if I had only bought that and the book but nearly spending almost $300 dollars A MONTH gave me the fright of my life and I listened the very same day.
IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE… You do indeed have a talent for making complex ideas simple and when I listened to your plan I was soooo excited that there was nothing wrong with me, that my brain was functioning perfectly normally, that I wasn’t the weak-willed, pathetic person the little voice in my head kept telling me I was. I understood that if I could train my brain to drink then I could train it not to. Easy as… I started a month ago today and I am so proud of myself for sticking to the plan. I had tried everything and I mean everything to make my life better; psycho analysis, psychotherapy, meditation, sophrology, yoga, meditation, excercise, MDR, EFT, aromatherapy… the list is endless but nothing ever changed anything for me. You have ROCKED MY WORLD!!!
In days I have gone from being a joyless 59 year old biding my time to retirement, buffering and beating myself about everything and feeling guilty about not appreciating a comfortable life to an excited, joyful self-scholar dying to start on the work and become a coach myself. My retirement plan is investing in myself – big time :-). I have since started listening to your podcasts and am very excited about starting Self Coaching Scholars next month. I live in France so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to listen to and participate in your calls live in spite of the time difference. Thank you so much!