How to balance this content?

Hi Brooke!

I have been part of scholars since August and my main focus then was overating. I struggled a few times with my protocl and essentially re-started in Dec. Happy to say that I am fat-adapeted now and a lot of my focus goes to Overeating (assets, videos). I also do the Daily HW as much as I can. I also listen to podcasts and try to do the HW but I still end up feeling behind. I still feel like I can do more but I also feel like I spend my time wisely. The way I see it, I have learned how to manage some urges and the concepts behind overeating. Since Dec, I went from awareness to “action” and now hopefully I will achieve sustainability. Now, I would love some direction on how to organize for my next goal: my career.

daily thought downloads
weekly calls
and then entrepreneurship assets?

Some days it feels like a lot. Any suggestions on how to manage? I have read the tips from the SCS Scholars yet I am not sure on how to manage two goals (overating and career) alongside doing all the HW and calls and podcasts guide. Would love your thoughts!