How to be calm and confident during job interviews


I am searching for a new job within the same company where I already work. It should be no big deal, but I have a lot of negative thoughts about engaging in the searching, doing the interview with a person I don’t know, and then getting the job (!).

I am afraid to change from my current position, to begin a new job as a team manager (with new people to get to know, new environment, new objectives, etc.), I am afraid of the impact on my personal life / having to work more and see my kids less. My brain is finding a lot of reasons that I should not change position.

The most difficult for me is to prepare for the job interview : I am not confident being interviewed, having to “sell myself”, having to convince the other person that I fit for the job ; the thoughts that I have are about “I am not good enough, the person will see that I am flawed, etc.” I have become more confident in my job, but interviews remind me of past situation when I was very shy, and felt like a child in front of a professor or a parent who would judge me.

I try to have thoughts like “I have been working for 16 years, I am a good professionnal, I am worthy”, but when I go to an interview, I have difficulties to stop the anxiety ans behave indeed like a Professional.

What kind of thoughts should I pratice ?

Thank you