How to be in "DONE" Energy – getting a good night’s sleep

Hi, I’m realizing that some of the things I’m working on in my business and life I’m not approaching with DONE energy, and some things I am. As in, in the results are “DONE” they are 100% for sure happening, and now I’m just taking the action to make them appear.

Here’s the list of things I want to approach with DONE energy.

Getting coach certification
Getting certain training modules completed before my next consult
Creating 10 consults through networking and other activities in January
Creating the short course I’m working on, including finishing the curriculum and filming the videos
Other life things such as creating ease of movement in my life, getting my cupboards cleaned out, and consistently creating an early and good night’s sleep

I tried today to get into DONE Energy for something I thought would be simple, a good practise exercise: getting a good night’s sleep.

I wrote down the impact of being someone who decides to get a good night’s sleep. And makes it happen.

Here’s what I came up with:
I wake up rested, I feel confident for the next day, I move through my day with ease, I can choose my late nights and plan for them and still be well rested before and after, I don’t wake up feeling guilty for not getting to bed on time, my quality of thinking goes up because I’m well rested, less cranky with family, easier to have a well managed mind.
But – these things didn’t move the dial. I expected to have a shift and then be able to start planning throughout the day for an early night – because of course it’s going to happen.

How else can I approach getting into DONE energy? Do I keep visualizing and feeling the impact of being the person who plans to get to bed early and makes it happen?

Are there any podcasts or resources to learn more about “It’s done” energy? I’m not sure where I came across this concept now.