How to be Me

I’ve been learning that I am much more committed to myself when I’m away from my husband. Whether he’s out of town or I’m traveling, I stick to my protocol, do my exercises, journal, and all the things. I am often exactly who I want to be when he’s not around.

I’m struggling to let go of changing the C line. My mind keeps going to “leave husband” as the action to take but I can’t clear away the noise to know if that’s really a solution.

Unintentional Model:

C- I live with my husband
T – when he’s around I don’t act the way I want
F – desperate
A – try to change the C
R – I treat myself and my husband with loathing

Intentional Model

C – I live with my husband
T – ?
F – confident and self-caring
A – I use willpower to act the way I want to be acting
R – I feel positive about how I show up in the world

I can’t seem to find a thought for my intentional model cause they all seem to leave me feeling skeptical.