how to be more patient

Hi there,

Do you have any techniques regarding being more patient?
I’ve noticed that I’m really impatient. I snap and I’m sarcastic. I get that from my parents.
I really want to change it. It doesn’t help my relationship.

Today I feel like such a bad girlfriend.
I’m not patient.
I’m not initiating sex.
He will soon recognize that he wants something better than me and leave me.

After those thoughts, I did equal airtime like Brooke always tells us.
I cook for him.
I worry about him.
I challenge him to pursue his dreams.
I listen to him and give him advice.
I’m my own person and always want to be better.
I communicate openly about my feelings.

But still I want to be a better person. It’s fun to see the change happen!
And I always love learning new things.

Would love to hear from you! Maybe some of you coaches are also impatient like me.
Fun thing: I work as a social worker and there I’m so patient… because its my job. I get paid to do that. And I expect them to behave in a certain and extreme way.
But with my family or boyfriend I get really loud and snappy.

My family always told me I am like this so that belief didn’t help.

I’m done with being impatient.