How to be okay with my partner and I wanting different things right now

Hey Brooke,

I’ve been having trouble with the fact that my partner isn’t ready for kids right now and doesn’t know when he will be ready (which is fine, that’s his choice and I know that) but I personally am ready and want to have kids within the next year.We are financially ready and able so that isn’t an issue, the thing is he just isn’t emotionally ready for the responsibility.
I understand I cannot change him or his thoughts, I can only change my thoughts about the situation. My thoughts are, I don’t want to break-up and I know logically that means I just have to wait until he is ready, but I am impatient and that makes me frustrated because I want to have kids in the next year. I keep having the thoughts, I want kids I’m ready I wish he was ready too.

At the moment my model looks like this
C: Partner isn’t ready for kids and has said this too me
T: “But I want to get pregnant within the next year, I am ready, but he isn’t ready yet, and does not want a baby yet, so we cant have a baby”
F: Frustrated, resentment towards him
A: We argue about wanting different things at this point in our life
R: Not having a baby or getting pregnant within the next year

Firstly, am I even doing this model right?
And secondly how do I change the thought line when I am having the thought that ‘I don’t want to change what I want, and neither does he.’