How To Be The “Watcher”?

To overcome buffering or to move through the pain of our thoughts, we are taught to be present with and to allow a negative thought or emotion. But How? How can we do that in an especially heated moment or especially strong emotions? For example, how do we practice overcoming an extreme reaction (such as blowing up) when we become upset over some injustice that a co-worker has done for example. Do we get that practice from other parts of our life that just spill into the workplace… like dealing with the irritating comments of our mother-in-law? Is the practice of working through those comments how we get practice for dealing with irritating comments at work?

How can we take a pause before reacting? How can we become the Watcher? How can we practice this before the circumstance actually happens? Is it helpful to pre-visualize some of these circumstances or strong emotions before it happens?

Hopefully, this makes sense.

Thank you!