How to build self compassion

I am new to Scholars.

I had a coaching session today, recorded it to rewatch, and keep notes.

I was surprised to see the effect of rewatching the coaching. I noticed a large number of very negative thoughts on my mind as I watched myself, including things like ‘I look fat!’ ‘I look too serious!’, ‘I sound boastful!’ etc

I still kept notes and did the work.

Following this experience, I did a thought download, gathering up those thoughts. I then did a model on what had just happened, plus an intentional model to help me not spoil my Sunday. I won’t write the unintentianal model here, but essentially the T line was: ‘I am unlikeable’. I want to note I usually and mostly do like myself well enough! So I was astounded by all these negative thoughts. In my unintentional model, the F line was ‘shame’, and then I continued with the A & R lines from there.

I want to ask about my intentional model which I then did, starting from the R line. Here it is:

C: I had a coaching session this morning which I re-watched. I have an empty calendar today.
T: I am curious how I can care for myself in my difficult and self-blaming / self-hating moments
F: self compassion and curiosity
A: journaling to address my self-hating feelings re-watching the coaching call. Allow those feelings to exist. Document them. Plan my day with care regardless. If needed, more to do downloads. Create a calm schedule for the week. Practise self compassion
R: I’ve had a calm, non frazzled Sunday. I’ve used my coaching session in a practical way and created a schedule for the coming week according to my priorities. I’ve cared for myself by caring for my hours this week.

As I’m new to this, I wondered what you think about what I did: am I on the right track? Also, any ideas about to practice self compassion in difficult moments would be welcome!