How to change a thought about a circumstance and make it authentic

My daughter is in a cross country meet today. That is the circumstance. It is neutral.

My thoughts around the cross country meet involve what if she does horribly, what if she gets injured, what if she disappoints her self, etc. My feelings are then anxiety and fear for her.

My actions involve a mother giving off nervous vibes and not truly enjoying the meet and all of her hard work and dedication because I am too concerned about her failing. The result is me being a nervous mess.

I wanted to change my thoughts so that I truly believe that her cross country meets are neutral and that my thoughts are she’s dedicated and disciplined and has worked hard and is prepared so that my feeling is pride and a calming support source for my daughter and then my action is being there for her and that the results is me enjoying watching her do her thing.

I can say all of these things out loud but I’m being honest when I say I don’t believe them it doesn’t feel neutral I’m very nervous for her because I know how much this means to her. So how do I get to neutral?