How to choose

I have a history of constantly consuming information and taking courses and reading tons of personal development books. I get excited about what I learn and it feels like I am doing something (making progress). In reality, I am just consuming and perhaps even using my quest for knowledge as a buffer for doing the work I need to do. I wonder if I am over-consuming because I lack confidence in my own intelligence and discernment.

I have worked for a company for more than 25 years and for the past 5 have been trying to get a better position. I thought getting some certifications would help me to move up but it has become obvious that this company is no longer the right place for me to be so I am now thinking about it as a temporary situation as I prepare to move on. I have ideas of what I want to do as my next career and have a high-level plan. My problem is that I think I know the next steps which always seem to be that I need more training and education. I am feeling myself in that familiar mental space. I am also wondering if joining SCS is just another program to consume and not follow through on.

I know confusion is an indulgent feeling but that is where I end up. I decide on the next steps and then I second guess and wonder if I am just again wasting my time. 2 years ago I spent a lot of money and time and effort to get certified in Project Management because I thought it would help me move forward at work. It has helped me take on more interesting work (off the corner of my desk) but so far, has not helped me to get a better position. I also find myself flip-flopping between the idea of starting a new career and wishing that I could just get a promotion with my current employer. I recognize that this is also a problem as I don’t fully commit to either.

I keep thinking that I need to be careful about what I spend time and energy on since they are both limited. How can I decide on the best next steps AND feel confident that I am on the right track? It seems it is the inability to fully commit to one path that impacts my follow-through. How do I choose which is the smarter route and give up the distraction of switching back and forth?