How To Coach When I Haven’t Been Certified Yet

Hi Brooke!
I’d like to get coach certification. My plan is to ask my employer to pay for it, and provide value and results for my organization ahead of time. I have a list of 25 ways I can add value now and I’ve already delivered on 3 of them. One of my ideas is to take 2-3 people and help them either lose weight or work through a work-related problem. Eventually with certification, I could help our employees with weight loss and 1-on-1 coaching, which aligns with our company’s wellness goals. My question is: Do you have a standard coaching process I could use as guidance? I am very mindful of holding space and not being judgmental. I just would like to know where to start – like teach them the model, have them talk about their problem, then we work it out in a model? Or maybe work from the monthly worksheets from Scholars? Where should I start with introducing your concepts to brand new people? Thank you!