How to come back from being in a hurry…?

Hi there!

So, I was in a big hurry to lose weight and I did, I lost a bunch. After I lost 30 lbs, I got really strict with a no-nonsense protocol for 6 weeks. I didn’t cheat, I didn’t joy eat, I was hungry all the time and I just modeled my way through it. I lost another 20 lbs that way. And then I started exercising because my body got that sagging, flat tire look, it wasn’t the supermodel body hiding under my obesity that ought to be there. Plus life was still 50% total garbage and not a magical wonderland, as I was promised when crossing the line from obesity into overweight-hood. Anyway, I want to get back to protocol but without the in-a-hurry lunacy and I’d like to add/keep exercise in my life. Any tips?
C Gained 10 lbs back after losing 50
T Oh shit, I’m gonna gain all the weight back, I better stop eating
F Scarcity, fear, hunger, missing cookies
A Don’t eat anything…okay eat a little, okay, a lot, I’m eating a cookie, uh-oh
R Ate a cookie a day for two days, not a normal cookie, this one called “Kitchen Sink” from Panera that has 800 calories in it