How to continue with March homework

Hi there. This is so amazing: When I realized that my new sentence – “I have a loving relationship with my parents” – is totally possible for me because I’m the one creating this relationship (with my thoughts, feelings, and actions), a lot of weight and negative thinking suddenly dropped. I now feel inspired by the possibility that I can create our relationship in whatever way I want. And I feel more resilient that before because I have my own back and know how to cope with everything that comes up on the way. As I’m implementing my new belief in the way I’m thinking about my parents and communicating with them, I was wondering how to continue with the March homework. Would you just leave questions 3 and 4 unanswered if there are no conflicting sentences showing up – or are there other questions I can ask myself to strengthen my new belief? I feel that the last question (message from future self) is still very helpful. Would love to get your thoughts on this!