How to Create Value with Self Doubt

Hello, I had a big a-ha moment when listening to the Money course realizing that I didn’t think I had the ability to bring value into the world. Starting on this month’s exercises I realize that this thought, I do not have any value to bring, stems from childhood. So re-writing my past is a great place to start!

This is my first month in SCS so I’m just learning how to model. I’m curious

C: My parents were busy and I didn’t take time to watch my plays, listen to my singing, etc..
T: I’m not interesting.
F: Like I bother people when I share my work.
A: To work, work, work but be reluctant to share that work.
R: Stay small, have a hard to reaching my audience, be reluctant to offer anything.

C: My dad never told me that he watched my documentary.
T: He didn’t watch or if he did, he didn’t like my work.
F: embarrassed, ashamed.
A: I hesitate to share my film work.
R: Nobody watches my film.

I’m struggling to identify what I can keep from these situations so I can do a more intentional model.

I am persistent. I create from joy. I don’t need an audience to create good work. I have the desire for others to see my work but create because it is something I love to do even if I don’t have an audience. I don’t need to share my work with everybody. My work doesn’t have to be loved by everybody but it will find an audience who appreciates it. I learned at an early age to continue working on my craft even when people close to me rejected my work. This gave me the strength I’ll need when I get a bigger audience.

If I go in this direction, how would I do the new model?