How to deal with people who complain?

Hi! I would really appreciate some input on this topic that I struggle with…. How to deal with people who complain? I’ve been working for the same big corporation for almost 4 years now and it really seem to me that people there complain all the time and that the atmosphere is negative. After listening to Brooke’s podcast, I tried to stay positive and not let other people behavior affect me. I tried to take responsibility for my own emotion. It last about a month before the old habits came back… And I just don’t know what to do with it!

Here the model I did on that topic (I was really tempted to put ‘my coworkers complain constantly’ in the C line, cut I know it is a thought and not a fact :P)

C: I work for a big corporation
T: My coworkers comlpain constantly and have a negative attitude.
F: Exasperated
A: I complain that my coworkers complain. I feel frustrated and am rude with some of my coworkers.
R: I contribute to the negative atmosphere.

I realised that I should just let peolple behave like they do and that I can’t control them… I also realised that I’m judgy about my coworkers attitude and that I probably complain as much as they do!… but I just don’t know what else to do. How is it possible to be surrounded with complaints and not be affected? Thank you so much for your help!