How to deal with uncertainty

So i’ve noticed in a current situation of mine that i’m struggling with uncertainty.

My partner and I we applied for an apartment and I can’t stand the thought of not knowing what will happen.

So I’m in between these two moods:

1. Dreaming about the apartment but then stopping because if it doesn’t work out it will be harder to deal with it.

2. Having negative thoughts like we won’t get it.. all good appartments will be gone by the time we will have ours or we should have done this better or this different so it will increase our chance to get it. The main thought that causes me pain is that one :we will miss out on a great opportunity

so to not have to deal with all this I’m buffering with just doing other things so I don’t have to think about it and distract myself until I know what the result is and I can go on with my life and deal with it.

same when I have to wait for ANY result.

I would like to know how to exactly handle this. HOW DO YOU ALL DEAL WITH THIS?

Maybe I can think more like you.

Thanks for your answer.