How to decide

I’m having trouble making a decision about whether or not to go vegan. I’ve tried the decision making process and still can’t come to a conclusion.
Reasons in favour:
it’s what i’m feeling(thinking )like doing at the moment
to show myself i can do whatever i commit to

Reasons to not do it:
It’s too extreme
i might miss out
it’s restrictive
my body might not get all the nutrients it needs
I lose choice

…ultimately all fear (primarily) of discomfort

I can see that these are all thoughts and i can change them to more positive intentional thoughts. I realise now after giving up wine and sugar and flour that i can do whatever i put my mind to. I’m just not sure if I doing it because i can is a good enough reason.
I like having a protocol because it has reduced chatter in my mind – so freeing. It has however to date included meat and dairy. I’m scared that if i commit to this I’ll miss out, I’ll want to change my mind, I won’t be able to do it…………all the thoughts that come up for others who are pushing the boundaries in their lives.

The other option is to just to commit to eating mostly plants. I’m worried that this will cause chatter in my brain, like when i still drank.
To me, this seems less extreme and easily doable, but i like having a protocol to follow.

c mostly plants protocol
t it’s not strict enough. it’ll cause chatter
f worried
a think about every decision
r chatter in my brain

c mostly plants protocol
t i can create a protocol for myself that reduces the chatter
f empowered
a create and follow protocol
r no chatter

Reasons in favour:
I can work this into current protocol
I can keep my options open
I can be flexible
It’s less extreme

Reasons not to

I know i just have to pick one, decide and move forward. I can see that i’m in this and my brain is seizing and acting confused – can you offer any insight if possible?

Thanks so much