How to describe my husband in a neutral way in the C line to get to a more healthy intentional model?

I am trying to develop an intentional model that is more productive for me on my thoughts about my husband.

4 years ago my husband called me at work and asked me to please come out and meet him in the parking lot to talk. He said that he had to borrow a very large amount of money from my father in 48 hours so that he would not be forced into bankruptcy. I had no idea that he had gotten himself in such a bad financial situation. My dad loaned him the money that has still not been repaid at all. I am still angry with his deception and I am angry that he does not put a priority on repaying his debt. I have asked him several times to make even a small payment each month, and he does not – although he still seems to money to do most of what he wants to do.

The positives would be that he is a nice man and good with the kids. The negatives would be that he has trouble with the truth, he is entitled acting, and I am not sure how smart he is.

One of my goals in this program is to try to let the anger and negative emotion out of my life.

I am new to Scholars, but think a neutral description to put in the C line would help. Thank you!