How to do a Thought Download


I was delving into the “How To Feel Better” Module from the Study Vault.

I noticed that in one of the first videos, Brooke mentions “Thought Download” and “Problem Reveal” in the same sentence. She provides some prompt questions that try to pull out any negative thoughts that we may have in our brains. Is this the goal for Thought Download?? Are we trying to clean out all the negative thoughts that we can in our brains? Or just thoughts in general?

(Of note, in cleaning the negative thoughts… I feel pretty crummy for a bit afterwards. Not such a fun clean out. Ha!)

Are the prompt questions that she uses in that video the ones that are suggested to use each time we try to do a thought download? They are helpful… especially when I feel like I have nothing to write down for a thought download. (E.g. What are you worried about? What do you wish were different? What isn’t right? What are you struggling with? What is the problem you have? What isn’t working?) It’s just that they tend to bring out such negative thoughts. I guess that’s fine. Just not so fun.

The part that I need some guidance on is that it seems like there’s some discrepance with what questions to ask yourself — I get a little confused because I remember in one of Brooke’s Podcast episode #7: Questions to Ask Yourself — those questions seem to lead towards more positive thoughts and action.

Guidance appreciated. Thanks!