How to do "massive action"


I’m doing the lesson “believing new things” and in the daily assignment there is one task: “4. Answer each of these sentences with an alternative thought and a massive action to counter it. List them here.”

I’m struggling with the “massive action” part of the task. Example. My sentence is: “I weigh less than 100 kg.” But for two weeks I haven’t seen any progress. I do my daily workout. I eat according to my (restricted) plan. I avoid sweets. I avoid alcohol. I drink more than two liters of water – but I keep my weight of 110 kg.

That’s why old thoughts are popping up “This does not work for you”, “you will never lose weight”, “you are a fat person, try to accept this at least”. I can replace these sentences by “My body is working properly and can burn fat” or “My body can be thin”. But what with the part of massive action? What can I mention there? Many thanks for your help!