How to drop the manual but still stand up for yourself

Sometimes, letting go of my boyfriend’s manual, feels like not standing up for myself.

For exemple, yesterday we drove back from a week-end. He doesn’t have his driving license so I have to drive (and I don’t really enjoy it).
It was a 3.30 hours long drive, and from the beginning to the end he was on his phone, listening to a game, and reading a book, etc.
I thought it was not fair, because I had to drive, he knows I don’t like it, and he didn’t make a connection with me the all drive. I wanted to say something, because I was mad, but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to have a manual for him. He is allowed to do what he want, and I was angry.

C. I drove for 3.30 hours and he was on his phone the all time.
T. He should care about me.
F. Angry
A. Show my anger. Being pissed. But saying nothing.
R. No connection.

I find it this true in many situations in our couple :
Me not appreciating something and not telling him because he is allowed to do and say whatever he want
Me angry at him at at myself.

Can you help me with that situation ?