How can I enjoy the new me?
How can I generate the positive emotions to create my new reality right now?

I mean, I have decided that the new me is:

  • fit
  • non smoker
  • business successful

But each time I make a decision… I work on my model, I decide that it will be the right thing to do, and then I have this thought: Let go now and you will fix it later.

As I am writing right now… I realize that I have always had this behavior, since my childhood.
I let the negative things take soooo much space in my life, then I start cleaning it.

But now, it doesn’t serve me, the quantity of things to do is just huge and I judge myself each time I don’t respect my decisions.

I feel only resistance.
I can’t see the pleasure or the joy.

Is there a process to follow to learn how to love the path to the new me?
To do what I promise to myself?

Please help.