How to Enjoy Being You Day 1

I am doing the work for “How to Enjoy Being You” and am on Day 1 of the homework for week 1.

I am struggling with my models around the prompt “Do a model on your thought that the world should be different.” I did two, but i don’t feel much emotion behind them.

One is
C violence happening in response to violence
T we shouldn’t have to kill more people in response to someone dying
F angry/sad
A – here is where I got stuck because my only action here was to post on facebook my feelings
R -the real life result was people misinterpreted me and responded negatively to my post, but that doesnt neccessarily happen?

So I did another model because I felt confused about this one.

C trash on trails
T people need to clean up after themselves
F angry/frustrated
A I mean, here I usually just feel angry for a second and then move on. I make a comment to a friend, throw my hands in the air and get over it
R nothing?

This is why I’m feeling stuck, I don’t feel like either of my models really have a result