How To Enjoy Being You – Day 7

I am working on the workbook of How To Enjoy Being You and have arrived to Day 7.
I did understand the concept of accepting what IS and that my life is supposed to be exactly what it includes right now.

What I don’t understand is day 7 question in relations to my own life.

You write:
“If life is simply what it is, then you are able to enjoy it as it is… You get to stop trying to tolerate it because it isn’t what you want it to be. Suddenly, there is nothing to lose and you can go after any desire you truly want.”

So, when I started this workbook I believed that I suffer as a writer who is afraid to write, that I have to figure out a way to make it easier and more tolerable for myself and overcome my doubts.
This was my “how my life should be different than it is.”

I managed to move to: Okay. I get it. I am supposed to be this 44-year-old woman whose human experience is to have this experience where she thinks she’s struggling and needs to figure things out and overcome doubts.

How do I then answer Day 7 question?
Am I supposed to enjoy this experience?
Am I supposed to not try to change this experience if I can?

Would love your help.