How to Feel an Emotion

Hello LCS! I am challenged with how to articulate and understand the process of feeling an emotion.

Can the process be further broken down into stages?

How do I know when I need to allow an emotion?

How do I know if I’m allowing the emotion correctly?

How do I know when the emotion is fully processed?

Is the emotion suppose to be processed in one sitting? Or is it dependent on when a new thought about the circumstance elicits a new emotion?

What are we suppose to learn about ourselves and our situation through the process of allowing an emotion?

When I feel an emotion becoming more and more intense, my ability to think rationally is superseded by the need to address the emotion. I find comfort in these times by crying it out for a few minutes, and the emotions seem to dissipate and be released. After that, I feel more clarity.

Is there a biological way we can process an emotion?