How to feel better question.

Hi, I am working through the program on how to feel better. Have got to the indulgent feeling section and have nominated fear, anxiety, and indecision as the feelings I would like to stop indulging in. If I chose one, it would be fear I guess, perhaps anxiety – I wake up with anxiety most days. I know it leads to procrastination and buffering. So then it asks, “Do you believe you could go a day, a week, or a month without indulging in this feeling? Why or why not?” I am stumped. Is it better to go a week without anxiety, or is it better to accept that it’s in my life (as it is in Brooke’s I gather), to wake up with it and say “there you are”, and work through it, rather than trying to live with out it or stop “indulging” in it? Many thanks.