How to feel better

Oh my goodness why did I wait so long to go through this course! It is gold! When Brooke helps Rebekah with the “I don’t know how long” thought and says “tik tok with the flow” I died! Now my question is this: if I believe something so wholeheartedly and the results just haven’t come yet does that mean I’m not really believing or does it mean that I’m just continuing what I’m doing till the results come? For example, I knew I was going to get this job before I even applied. And they even told me they couldn’t hire me yet, but I was still certain I’d get it. And I did nearly 2 weeks later. I didn’t even question the belief that I’d get the job even though the results weren’t there. So I apply that same logic to my weight, I believe I’m a person who weighs 145lbs even if I’m 148lbs right now. Sometimes I just look at the scale and tell it that it’s confused lol. But I eat and allow urges as my 145lb self and the scale continues to go down even though it’s not at 145lbs yet. I think what I’m doing is just waiting for the results to catch up to my belief. Am I understanding this right?