How to feel emotions & then process them?

Hi there! One month into SCS I realize that I don’t really, truly allow myself to feel a feeling (generally the less pleasant emotions anyway). I’m very Type A and live life plowing through what needs to get done and not taking time to identify the feelings and then process them. I just tend to carry a lot of emotional, unprocessed crap around with me and I’d like to learn how to (1) really be aware, name the feeling/emotion; (2) process it; and them move on. Now I’m realizing this way of being is truly holding me back and I’m tired of feeling generally burdened by being numb. It dulls everything out, even the good stuff. I started to realize pattern this because of my misuse of food. The minute I felt annoyed or frustrated or confused, I found myself grabbing for food when I wasn’t even hungry! Damn, it was a major lightbulb moment for me. That got me really trying to stop, be present, really present, and I realized how challenging that is for me. Much to my surprise, this self-knowledge is really shocked me! I’d like some practical tips & maybe a reference to something in the vault so I can increase my self-awareness in the present moment and not hide or ignore my feelings. I realize this is a pattern I must tackle as a foundation of overall emotional health to be truly happy and start living my life fully instead of the aspirational fantasy life I have in my head. I gratefully look forward to your answer. Thank you!