How to feel self-compassion

On Monday, in my one-on-one coaching session, the coach suggested I look at myself with more compassion. I am trying to understand if some thoughts or exercises can guide me to be focused on self-compassion?

C: Beginners dance class
T: I should be further along than this
F: Deflated
A: Thinking about all the things I should be able to do, blame my pants, the fabric of the apparatus I am working with, negative self-talk
R: Not be further along in my practice

Are there certain questions I can ask myself? For instance, in the circumstance mentioned in the model above, if my friend was in the same situation and she commented, “I should be further along” during the class, what would I say to provide compassion? I would say something like, you almost have this item demonstrated, and I have seen you do it in the past, so I pretty sure you will get it after a couple of times.

Or do I create a new model that includes some form of self-compassion in the thought line, for example, below?

C: Beginners dance class
T: Everyone goes through a period of re-work on old moves
A: Practice, find strategies to improve, watch old videos of myself to see what might help me
R: Achieve move demonstrated

If there are other exercises/questions that I can do, please point me in the right direction.