How to feel sexy

Hi Brooke

Possibly a bit of a strange question but I have noticed that as I’ve gotten older I no longer feel that I look attractive or that I am sexy, I will be 50 at the end of the year. I am fit and slim but I am pretty wrinkly compared to my girlfriends which makes me feel a bit embarrassed, (spend a lot of time out in the sun running etc) some have suggested that I consider botox/fillers or an eyelid lift, one even said that maybe I should get boob job! I’m a natural kind of person and I do wear makeup if I go out, I wear modern clothes but as I’m going all in on my marriage (my husband and I listened to the “how to be a good mate” ) and my massive goal is to be completely in love with my man, I just want to feel sexy . . . . I’m not sure if its just a thought that needs to be changed or if I actually need to do some physical changes like lace knickers or a push up bra or botox, would really appreciate your input. Many thanks