How to feel the urge to eat when I’m interacting with others in a social situation?

I can usually feel an urge to eat quite well now when I’m alone. However, when I’m with others in a social situation, how do I get the mental space I seem to need to feel my urge to eat?

I have been resisting food in that situation to date and then that has often resulted in over-eating later. I think I know how to feel my feelings to eat (when I’m alone) but I want to be able to do it when I’m with others.

I’m hosting a morning tea in a few days and I know I will be distracted from my thoughts about this, with the hosting and talking to people. I may plan to eat a small amount or I may decide I don’t want to eat anything because I don’t usually eat until noon. Either way, there would normally be a lot of resistance involved. I want to feel my feelings in that situation. at the time.

Any suggestions?