How to feel wanted emotions

I had a breakthrough on the wanted/unwanted emotions as I read through the responses in Ask Brooke. I am nowhere near my 50% mix of wanted emotion and I want to get there! I am closer to 75% unwanted and still feel dependent on external circumstance for the 25% of wanted/good emotion. I know this is because my mix of thoughts is so negative and i havent learned how to pivot (using the model or other techniques).

I want to learn to cultivate wanted emotions and experience.

I wrote what do I want to feel and am trying to write thoughts and questions that help create these feelings. Can you help me identify a few thoughts and questions to go with each feeling? Below I include the thoughts I could think of. Bridging thoughts would be particularly helpful, especially for the ones with the asterisk (aka the ones I struggle with most):

*Love –

*Joy –

*Acceptance – The past is complete. I allow change to shape me so I can shape change.

*Completeness – I am enough for my life

Pride – I am doing a good job. I am growing so much. I meet my challenges and get stronger. I am cultivating the values I appreciate.

*Peace – Everything is unfolding as it should. What if i’m where i’m meant to be? The universe has my back.

*Faith – The universe and I are cocreating. I am stardust coming to understand itself.

Curiosity – I want to see how this will unfold.