How to figure out my belief system around weight/weight loss.

I am smart, I am successful in most areas of my life, and I am equipped with more than enough tools to help me lose weight, but I don’t. I sabotage myself quite often and I am trying to find an intentional model that is believable.


C: Lose 20 lbs
T: To lose 20 lbs, I have to NOT eat whatever and whenever I want
F: Restricted, deprived
A: Eat whatever and whenever I want
R: Avoid feelings, still have to lose 20 lbs, no weight loss, maybe even weight gain

C: Lose 20 lbs
T: I can eat whatever and whenever I want, but choose not to right now because I want to lose weight
F: Determined
A: Make better food choices
R: Start to lose weight

The problem with my IM is that I don’t really believe I will lose weight. And the feelings of restriction or being deprived come up with strange thoughts that I don’t want to be controlled or told what and when to eat. And the craziness is that it’s ME that is restricting myself, not someone else. It’s not like there is someone telling me what to do, so I am in a struggle with myself.

How do I dig deeper into my belief system around food and weight loss? How do I come up with an IM that is believable and will serve me? And in the moment, when I am presented with a decision (ex. I want to eat this piece of pizza, I should not but I don’t want to feel restricted, so I should eat it) – how do I manage this?