How to find an impossible goal about money exciting ?

I’ve journaled on some impossible goals I would like to achieve for 2022.
There are a lot of things that excite me that I would love to do.

But right now I struggle with money. I used to have a lot of money in my account due to an inheritance which has given me the freedom to do pretty much anything I wanted for the past 10 years.
Leave my job to become a photographer, go travel around the world multiple times per year almost every year, walk the length of New Zealand for 5 months on foot…

There were all goals that excited me and that I had total freedom to do because I didn’t have any money constraint.
Which was awesome !

Last January all that money went into buying an apartment and renovating it.

Now I’m really happy about this investment.

But I don’t have anymore cash at the bank. I have 8000€ total to make it until next may. I feel rushed and stressed to find solution to make more income and it feels exhausting.

When picking my impossible goal I decided to make 60 000€ in 2022. (I used to make 30 000€ with my photography business).
But I have a hard time finding that exciting… It feels like something I have to do, like homework, and not any fun.
My brain is thinking : what I would really wanna do would be to write a book, and do another thru hike, and write some more about my travel, run a marathon etc. !! But none of those things would generate income (or not yet, and the purpose of doing them would not be to make money but really just for the joy of them). So I feel like I first have to make more money in order to pursue those fun things. which feels like punishment and no excitement at all. Making money in and of itself is not something I find exciting. What life money would allow me to have is exciting.

Is there a way I could combine the two ? like an exciting goal and a money goal ?
Or how can I change my thoughts around my money goal in a way that feels as exciting to me as going on a thru hike with my tent and backpack ?

Thank you 🙂