How to find motivation to work

I’ve been doing several models around my full-time job, and it’s made a big difference in alleviating the anxiety I used to feel around projects and deadlines. I’m not as resistant to my job after getting some clarity around the thoughts that caused my anxiety, so that’s been a great start. Lately, I’m still finding that my motivation to work is flagging. All of my co-workers on my team received raises or promotions except for me. I pointed this out to my manager and at least to my face, he agreed that I’ve contributed a lot to the team. I just don’t feel like working. Although my anxiety has been relieved, now I’m just bored and disinterested in working harder for its own sake. It feels pointless. I’m trying not to make this wrong and I’m trying to feel that it’s okay to be bored and disinterested in your job at times. I’m worried since I haven’t been successful using the intentional thought “I just haven’t been promoted yet” partly because I think I should have been promoted by now. I’m sort of resentful and don’t know how to process all of the resentment to move to an intentional model.