How to find the right balance when you are height sensitive and you want to create your ideal life while building financial security ?

I want to create my ideal life. I am a single mum of 2, divorced 1 year ago with no financial help. I am all in to create the right mindset and work through my emotions to become the best version of myself and to be the best guide for others to do it for themselves.

My question is, if I can do whatever I want, how do I create the right balance?  I have a tendency to work hard and push myself until I just fall into tears because I am exhausted. Not really effective 😉  I am height sensitive; I now see it as a strength and I need to take this into account.

C: Earn my living – financial security
T: I need to work hard to succeed – I am alone to do this
F: depleted – unsecure
A: Do it until I crash, need some rest
R: feeling bad, crying, becoming aggressive, finally take some rest and realize that I need to find balance and to take care of myself first to be able to success.

C: Earn my living – financial security
T: I have everything I need to create value and have financial security
F: Proud and secured
A: Built my business and my offers from a place of confidence and trust, allowing some time to just take care of me, find the right balance between working, emotions and mindset, inner work and self care.
R: reaching my goals : being able to pay what I need to live comfortably and being happy with the life I created.