How to focus on one goal at a time ?

Hi, I recently joined Scholars.

Before joining, I have been working on achieving many goals at the same time. I did a goals download and ordered my goals. The first 4 goals are related to 1- finishing a poetry book that I started this year, 2- developing my coaching business that I started this year, 3- working on a my relationship with my husband, 4- continue a research work that I started last year about developing the potential of individuals in the workplace with the goal to write a book with the results.

Here are my questions:
– When you recommend to focus on one goal, does it only mean to choose the SCS courses and coaching in relation with that goal, or does it also mean to put the actions that I had started for the other goals on standby until the first goal is achieved ? For example, if I choose to finish the poetry book in 3 months, do you recommend that I stop actions and thought work about accelerating my coaching business for the next 3 months?
– When 2 goals relate to 2 different domains (relationship and business), is it then relevant to work on them at the same time ?
– My goal related to writing literature seems logically different from all the 10 others that I wrote. However, for the last year, whenever I write my goals, it is the first one that comes to my mind, as a deep desire. I wrote 2 books that did not get published. My goals related to coaching are more recent. I think that I can work on my coaching business and write poetry at the same time. I would like to know your opinion about this.
Thank you for your answer!