How to generate feelings?

I find myself stuck on how to generate feelings. I’ve re-read and re-watched all the materials for this month. I see the instructions “What does this emotion feel like? What do I need to think? How can I commit to feeling this way today? How will I act when I feel this way? How can I get back on track if I notice I am not using/generating this emotion?”

My strategies to generate them are always choosing thoughts that create the feelings. Sometimes, when I’m playing with replacing some deep-seated, loud, pushy thoughts that are used to being believed as total truth and that generate big, uncomfortable, encompassing feelings, I really want actions to take to support the thoughts. Ditto on when thoughts on multiple situations layer themselves on top of each other at the same time.

Here’s what I’m specifically asking for support with:

1) “How can I commit to feeling this way today?” What’s an example of how you, Brooke or whoever’s answering this, do this? What do you tell yourselves or what actions do you take to do this?

2) “How can I get back on track if I notice I am not using/generating this emotion?” Ditto.

When I find myself stuck I learn well through examples and mimicry. Hearing how other people successfully do something helps me see a path. Then I find my own way and develop my own competency. This is what I’m asking for – suggestions for the emotions I’m wanting to generate or examples of what you’ve done for some emotions you’ve wanted to generate. It’s my best path to learning.

This month the feelings that have repetitively come up are:


Again, I’ve re-read and re-watched this month’s materials.