How to generate Joy?

I’m in a new work situation and I am finding myself lamenting my old one. I am noticing my brain comparing and causing my current emotions, but I keep coming back to the new situation being responsible for my feelings–there are aspects that are not rewarding, its boring, I feel like it is what I have to do since I am new to “pay my dues”. Each day I go to work angry, trying to put on a happy face, but I just can’t get control of this one. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get to feeling joyful…for now that seems inaccessible. The old situation no longer exists so going back to it is not an option. I could go and look for new work but I know choosing to leave right now means that I am not choosing it from a positive place. What am I not seeing here? Also, are there podcasts that talk about generating joy, or talking about how to know when it is time to leave a situation? Thank you.